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File: Vfrg Pdf 232683 | Law Ref
CAO Adjustment Of Seats VFRG AIP ENR 1.2 ADIZ Vol 3 CAR 257 Aerodrome Meteorological Minima Vol 3 CAR 256A Animals CAO 20.11.14 ...

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...Cao adjustment of seats vfrg aip enr adiz vol car aerodrome meteorological minima a animals briefing passengers cargo in pilot compartment on passenger seat casr carriage documents infants children parachutists cpl privileges sched daily inspection day to stuff be carried dropping articles dual controls emergency equipment locator transmitters signalling firearms flight duty periods over water visibility distance from cloud fuel quantity measurement system fuelling aircraft with ground signals hot refuelling para vi instruments required for vfr intoxicated persons kinds low level licensing life rafts light limitations logbooks loose flying ratings maintenance can do manoeuvring area vicinity non controlled medical commercial private recreational night operations manual oxygen capacity control lists picking up person pilots powers prd areas pre take off checks public gatherings radio failure procedure operation recent experience apndx iii remote removal locking safety devices responsibi...
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