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AIRCRAFT DISPATCHER, D-312 PRE-COURSE WORK PACKET Complete the pre-course work and return it to your course coordinator or lead instructor as directed. Student Profile: 1. Name (as you want it ...

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...Aircraft dispatcher d pre course work packet complete the and return it to your coordinator or lead instructor as directed student profile name you want appear on certificate position title home unit address phone number email what are expectations of this class page experience list nwcg qualifications include both qualified trainee positions give a brief description aviation duties for example helitack previous dispatch flight manager etc who is center first last automated following aff ross i use my job when fire assignments never used submit radio payment document certificates with these courses required part have attended an ace centered education session yes no if date location other interagency training iat taken questions possible points local regional organization reference materials answer may also refer section in guide forms manuals handbooks guides plans publications glossary wildland terminology pms go link about grand junction colorado airport latitude longitude elevation...
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