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picture1_15   Easa Ftl Guide 7

picture2_15   Easa Ftl Guide 7 picture3_15   Easa Ftl Guide 7

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File: 15 Easa Ftl Guide 7
EASA FTL GUIDE Version 1.7. ECA Guide 1.7. to EASA FTL 15.November 2017 EXPLANATORY NOTE This document is based on Air OPS Annex III – Part-ORO assembles ...

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...Easa ftl guide version eca to november explanatory note this document is based on air ops annex iii part oro assembles the following publications regulation ec no basic ir commission eu implementing rules acceptable means of compliance amc and guidance material gm consolidated including issue amendment may certification specifications for cat by aeroplane scheduled charter cs initial january comm reg lays down technical requirements administrative procedures does not contain a subpart which published under also see easy access p ff rev pdf some elements or are shown in centre column purpose reduce number pages needed faqs boxed light green basics how apply blue relating fatigue risk management frm highlighted scope establishes be met an operator its crew members with regard flight duty time limitations rest applicability these applicable commercial transport aeroplanes char ter operations excluding emergency medical service ems taxi single pilot definitions shall acclimatised state mem...
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