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SPORTY'S E6B ELECTRONIC FLIGHT COMPUTER SOFTWARE Sporty's E6B Flight Computer software is designed to perform 23 aviation functions and 14 standard conversions, and includes timer and clock functions ...

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...Sporty s eb electronic flight computer software is designed to perform aviation functions and standard conversions includes timer clock this manual offer an introduction the operation of for each calculation a sample problem has been given we hope that you enjoy your its use made easy through direct path menu selection prompting as will soon learn it one most useful versatile all computers by sportsman market inc version contents display screens prompts labels special function keys clocks adding subtracting time percent mac pressure density altitude p d alt plan true airspeed tas heading groundspeed hdg gs leg fuel required req crosswind headwind tailwind x h wind actual act speed direction per hour fph mach number m calibrated cas distance flown dist fln endurance endur rate climb rteoclimb descent dscn specific range sprng top t dcn weight arm wt moment mom appendix problems measure troubleshooting information page screen palmversion wwtt aarrmm armwt g f clk tmr rte o figure above s...
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