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File: Approachbriefchecklist
www.Pilotscafe.com Instrument Approach Briefing Checklist Set up Weather information –obtained (ATIS/ASOS/AWOS) Altimeter – set to current barometric pressure Heading indicator – set and showing correct heading Navaids ...

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...Www pilotscafe com instrument approach briefing checklist set up weather information obtained atis asos awos altimeter to current barometric pressure heading indicator and showing correct navaids identify including setting the gps if available brief header o airport identifier city procedure name effective date applicable be used courses minimum safe altitude msa segment altitudes touchdown zone elevation landing distance position height of highest obstacles how recognize missed point timing dme rnav intersection etc required minimums mda da visibility chart notes any special considerations runway conditions notams inoperative equipment workload management tips your first priority fly aircraft don t let things get out control you need more time prepare then slower ask for delaying vectors a degrees turn holding pattern plan as far ahead possible pre flight planning controller which anticipate or tell him one would want use continuously yourself what s next thing i do educational purpos...
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